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Salt City Soapworks

Backcountry Beard Balm Set

Backcountry Beard Balm Set

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Handcrafted with care by Salt City Soapworks, our Backcountry Beard Balm Set is tailor-made for the daring souls who embrace the wild. This set features four Backcountry Beard Balms, each engineered to endure the elements while ensuring your beard stays impeccably groomed and luxuriously nourished throughout your journeys. Plus, save big on your beard balms by purchasing all four in this set!

Key Features:

  1. Purest Ingredients from Nature: Made from nature's purest ingredients, our Backcountry Beard Balm features mango butter and local beeswax. This combination produces a non-greasy, low-shine balm that keeps your beard perfectly styled and conditioned.

  2. Inspired by Deep Woods: Our Backcountry Beard Balm is scented with sandalwood, oakwood, pine, and sage, capturing the essence of hiking in the deep woods of the Uinta Mountains. It's an olfactory journey that connects you with nature.

  3. All-Day Hydration: Bid farewell to unruly, parched beards. Our beard balms deliver deep hydration, taming frizz and flyaways, leaving your beard soft and easily manageable from dawn till dusk.

  4. Robust Hold: Be it facing gusty mountain winds or conquering rugged trails, our beard balms offer unwavering control, ensuring your facial hair maintains a well-groomed appearance even in the heart of the wilderness.

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