Simple. Local. Handcrafted.

What makes Utah’s salt so perfect for our products lies hidden in its past. Millions of years ago, a prehistoric sea covered parts of Utah. Over time, the sea receded and evaporated. Layers of clay and ash buried the salt left behind, preserving its purity. Today, the salt we use from central Utah is unrefined, offering a naturally pink product that contains over 60 trace minerals known to help restore skin to its natural oil balance.

Gifts for HIM

Gifts for HER

Gift the gift of beautiful skin with our selection of gift sets curated for the ones you love!

Beeswax Balms

Featuring raw Utah beeswax and botanical oils, our balms are moisturizing and soft, guaranteed to heal and protect your skin.
  • Cold-Processed

    Our soaps are cold-processed, carefully blended at low temperatures, and cured over 30 days.

  • Handmade Responsibly

    We make all our products by hand in Salt Lake City, Utah. We use only natural, ingredients that are gluten-free and cruelty-free.

  • No Harsh Ingredients

    You won't find harsh fillers, GMOs, synthetic detergents, parabens, HEDP, EDTA, sulfates, SLS, or other irritants in our products.