About us

Salt City Soapworks is a family-run business located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. As geologists and beekeepers, we have a great appreciation for the abundant natural resources of our state. Our journey began with a deep desire to revive the artistry and craftsmanship of soap-making while wholeheartedly embracing sustainability and self-care principles.

Drawing upon our expertise and passion, we've made it our mission to incorporate raw salt from Redmond, UT, and locally sourced beeswax into our soaps and balms. This commitment has allowed us to craft a distinct and captivating brand that merges traditional soap-making methods with modern innovations, resulting in truly unique and local products.

The truth is, we’re here because of you! You put the “works” in Salt City Soapworks and we are forever grateful for your support.
The Tyson Family

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