Salt City Soapworks has touched the lives of many, and our customers' testimonials speak volumes about their experiences. Here are just a few of the heartfelt reviews that have poured in:

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"The heavy duty soap works really good and the lotion keeps my hands soft after work." ~Luis

"Such unique, lovingly handcrafted soaps made perfect wedding favors for our guests, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to our garden wedding." ~Tess

"I absolutely love that it is an animal. The way it feels on my body is amazing. Salt City Soapworks is awesome." ~Zachary

"I keep a Rescue Balm in my pocket every day because I use it so much!" ~Rachel

"I love Salt City Soapworks. Their therapeutic combination of minerals have erased my dry skin spots on my hands. I even travel with the soap." ~Judy

“I love the lotion bar and call it my ‘magic heel balm.” ~Bethany

"I love how soft the salt scrub makes my skin. The scents are amazing. Nothing perfumy or fakey, just natural." ~Betsy

"I use it when my hands get really dirty on the job. Works amazing!" ~Santos