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Salt City Soapworks

Animal Salt Soap Set

Animal Salt Soap Set

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Make bath time an adventure with our Animal Salt Soap Set, meticulously crafted by Salt City Soapworks. Each set includes 4 Animal Salt Soap bars, each molded into adorable animal shapes, all naturally colored with kaolin clay. The delightful citrus clove scent transforms every bath into a playful experience, ensuring clean, happy, and refreshed kids. Plus, when you buy more, you save money!

Key Features:

  1. Adorable Animal Shapes: Each soap bar in this set features a charming animal shape, making bath time a fun and exciting adventure for your little ones. Let their imaginations run wild as they explore with these cute companions.

  2. All-Natural Colors: We've harnessed the gentle and safe properties of kaolin clay to naturally color these soap bars. Your kids can enjoy a colorful bath without exposure to harsh chemicals.

  3. Citrus Clove Aroma: Immerse your child in the refreshing scent of citrus and clove with every use. This delightful aroma adds an extra layer of excitement to their bathing routine.

  4. Mineral-Rich Salt Bath: These soap bars don't just cleanse; they pamper your child's skin with over 60 natural minerals found in the salt. This mineral-rich experience, combined with the hydrating properties of the oils in the soap, leaves their skin not only clean but also soft and refreshed.


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